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My Folder changes the folder icons in Windows
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Horizon Software Co.

My Folder changes the folder icons in Windows.
The program can be run in Catalan, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Euskara, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese and Suomi.

After installing the program, you can click on a folder with the mouse´s right button and change the folder icon with one of the alternatives that the program offers (colors, event, level, priority, object).

You can also add more icons to your library by importing them from any dll. exe. or icl.file. Be sure to indicate when you want to add icons from a resource file (not from a file). That way you will be able to choose which icons to import. Otherwise, you´ll import only the icon that identifies the file. The additions can be later removed from your collection, or moved to another gallery.

The program also lets you to create new folders in your drives.
It´s always possible to undo changes and get back to the original folder´s icon.

The program also offers a link to buy more icon libraries at

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • Is a simple program to change the folders´ appearance. It´s free


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